My Family

Chris. The husband.


He’s hot, but not exactly a “healthy eater.” Its a surprise that he’s not behind bars for his pretty serious coke problem…McDonald’s coke that is. But all jokes aside, he has made vast nutritional improvements over the last few years. However, he, like most men, is a work in progress. A JCC member, he goes the gym often, but I have the sense he works on his ‘gift of gab’ a lot more than his biceps. #thinksthesteamroomisaworkout

Walker. The kid.


He’s only been around since February, and he mostly likes breastmilk. Who can blame him? #typicalman


Not the first guy to vomit on me unfortunatly.

Bannon. The dog.

Old English Bulldog

Oh, the love of my life. Yes, I mean that. He’ll eat anything. And with his habit of begging and getting half of each of my meals, I attribute all of my post-baby weight loss to him. God love ’em. #bulldogbaby



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